Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Aya Kasai

Portable Void

'Ma' is a Japanese word and concept whose equivalent does not exist in English language but is best described as a consciousness of space. It is not, however, created merely by compositional elements in the sense of an enclosed entity; rather, it takes place in one's imagination in the occurrence of the simultaneous awareness of form and non-form or being and non-being deriving from an intensification of perception. The focus of my project concerns the use of such notion in art, exploring its phenomenological function in the shifting of perceptual hierarchy and of ontological equilibrium.

‘Portable void’ is a series of study into the use of 'ma' as a conceptual tool for liberating oneself from preformed perceptual and ontological nomenclatures.

Exhibition Dates

Portable Void: The White Cube Gallery 
     Richard Hamilton Building, Oxford Brookes University (photography; 28th September - 2nd October, 10am - 7pm)
     Drama Studio, Oxford Brookes University (installation; 29th September 2pm - 2nd October, 10am - 7pm)
     Blackwell's Art & Poster Shop, Oxford (photography; 27th September - 4th October)
     Cafe Nero, Blackwell's Bookshop, Oxford (photography; 1st - 31st October)

     Old Boot Factory (photography; 28th - 30th September)

Portable Void: The Secret Garden
     St.Clement's Alleyway, between Wingfield Street and Glebe Street (outdoor gallery installation; 1st & 2nd October, 10am - 5pm)

Portable Void: The Child as Philosopher
     St.Clement's Family Centre (experimental workshop; 2nd October, 12 - 2pm)

Portable Void: The Law
     Philosophy Department, Norrington Room, Blackwell's Bookshop, Oxford (sculpture; 27th September - 31st October)