Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Katie Comley

Social Thought Exchange

My work actively explores the use of dialogue and public interaction by using the invisible materials of speech, thought, and discussion. I believe sharing perceptions with strangers activates alternative modes of seeing where verbalised thought becomes substance.  I intend to stimulate realisations about our human potential and capabilities.

Informed by the local ecology, my work relates to the field of Social Sculpture where the Beuysian concept, ‘everyone is an artist,' establishes the reality that together we  are the sculptors of our society.
The use of familiar, reclaimed objects, are given new life, prompting exchanges between myself and others in public spaces. Rich dialogue is established through sharing thoughts and questions to realise and cultivate perceptions.
My questions deal with the issues surrounding trust, work, community, human potentiality and change, encouraging flexible perspectives for both myself and participants. The focus on face-to-face human interaction aims to amplify the potential of social cohesion through inner self-reflexivity. Through conscious acknowledgment of our internalised pressures and conditions in society, I seek to discover the impact of our actions towards others and in world we share.

28th September  30th SeptemberSocial Thought ExchangeCowley Rd/ Manzil Way, near St. Bartholomews Medical Centre