Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Helena Fox

Helena Fox practices Medicine and Social Sculpture. In her artistic practice, she is concerned with using ‘aesthetic’ processes in everyday life, outside the gallery,to enhance a more deeply sensed, intuitive understanding and connectivity with each other and the world.She is engaged in a number of works linked with her experiences in medicine and day to day living. By using simple acts of looking, touching, hearing etc, she keeps the sensed experience central. In this way her work aims to stir the imagination,and thoughts of the viewer and so create areas for discussion and maybe new ideas.She asks ‘How can these issues enliven our experience in a world where we are at risk of loosing touch with our senses?' How can we move from the 'anaesthetic to the aesthetic?' Can this awareness help us live in more humane and sustainable ways? 
Beyond the Evidence Base: From Anaesthetic to Aesthetic in Medicine
Thursday 29th Sept 7.30pm Tickets £5 Science Oxford, Cave Street, Oxford

Medicine is full of emotive and ‘soulful’ images. Not only those we witness with our eyes, but those we picture in our mind’s eye along with individual thoughts, feelings and sensations.  Our imagination is very rich. What  happens when we attend to these inner images and stay in touch with our powers of perception and our intuiton? What happens when we pay attention to our dis-ease, our pain and our pleasure?
Helena Fox and Richard Rosch both work in medicine and social sculpture. Here images and a short participatory piece are presented as ‘tools’ for generating inner images, thoughts, experiences and discussion with the viewer. 

You are invited to add any thoughts, views, images you may wish to share to the contents of a small portable case for reflective notes. This may appear from time to time throughout the festival. Whilst comments will remain anonymous, all will be read and will contribute to further shape the above work.

Barefoot Walks 
Helena Fox in collaboration with R Rosch, N Solomons, Jo Kernon: Frid 30th Sept 12.30 noon; Sat 1st Oct 11.30am and 4.30pm; Sun 2nd Oct 2.30pm; Start points: Albion Beatnik Bookshop, Jericho, Oxford.

‘An old ancestral affinity between the human foot and the solid ground is replenished by the simple act of stepping outside without shoes’ (Abrams). Human beings are exact instruments’ (Goethe). Can we be more mindful to the state of the earth when we also sense it through the soles of our feet? Come and join a Barefoot Walk, attend to your powers of perception and share our experience in a discussion.
Several walks with discussions will be led by four artists to explore how we sense the world when we make contact skin-toskin between the ground and one of the most sensitive parts of the body. There will also be global participation as an Earth Summit 2012 Event.